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Read the latest article by Mack Burke, and the special contributors Kevin Burrell and Lindsay Jarvis about
the future of SFRs

IRA Investment Funds

IRA investment diversify

How to Use Your IRA Investment Funds to Invest in Property: Besides the usual offerings like mutual funds, stocks & bonds, exchange traded funds (ETF), and certificates of deposit, it is possible to self-direct your IRA (SD-IRA) into alternate investments such as real estate. …
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money in the bank

don't deposit your money in the bank

Money in the Bank   Risk is a natural part of life. Sometimes we take ones that benefit us, and other times we wind up learning a very valuable lesson. .  When it comes to money, many people choose not to risk it. Instead they deposit it in a bank….
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asking the right questions

asking the right real estate questions

Asking the Right Questions   Knowledge is the key to making smart decisions.  You've heard when Investing in Real Estate  the old Adage Location, Location, Location.   While it may be logical that location is the number one factor when it comes to…
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