Lindsay Jarvis – Owner (left)

It pays to know your market and, with more than 30 years business experience, Lindsay Jarvis is a well-seasoned veteran. Having spent twenty of those years in buildings and properties, Lindsay managed a successful construction company that, at its peak, employed approximately 120+ staff. Over that period he completed more than $40 million dollars worth of commercial and residential work.

Lindsay’s love of property, coupled with his extensive business experience, has provided a great foundation enabling Estero & Buller River Developments to offer you the awesome new investment properties you see today.

Kevin Burrell-Owner (right)

Kevin Burrell is a founding partner of both Estero Development Partners and Buller River Development Partners, organizations deeply rooted in the evolving dynamics of real estate development. With a career spanning over thirty years, Kevin’s journey in the property industry began in Rock Hill SC, where he embarked on his first venture into real estate at the tender age of 19 by purchasing and remodeling a foreclosure property. This initial step was driven by his own efforts and a keen sense of when to engage skilled trades for specialized tasks.

Kevin’s early experiences in real estate were complemented by his academic pursuit of a Business Management degree at the University of South Carolina. During this period, he also navigated the intricate world of mortgages, eventually establishing his own mortgage brokerage, which he owned for 15 years. This dual focus on property flipping and mortgages provided Kevin with a robust understanding of both ends of the property market.

However, the aftermath of the Global Financial Crisis prompted a strategic pivot; Kevin wound down his mortgage company to concentrate on his passion for real estate investment. He then expanded his operations from a base in Charlotte, NC, with additional offices in Sarasota, FL, and Atlanta, GA. His innovative approach to marketing his investment properties included radio shows and partnerships with major property resellers, as well as building international networks in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, the UK, Australia, China and Dubai. Over five years, Kevin’s efforts culminated in the development and sale of approximately 1,000 rehabbed properties, which included a significant project converting condos into student housing for Limestone University.

The landscape of real estate continually evolved, and so too did Kevin’s career path. Around 2013, during the decline of the fix-and-flip market, Kevin sought new opportunities, leading to his collaboration with Lindsay Jarvis. Together, they founded Buller River and Estero Developments, shifting their focus primarily to new construction. Since then, Kevin along with Lindsay Jarvis has overseen the development of numerous rental communities and over 1,000 new construction homes across Tennessee, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida, and most recently, Arizona.

Today, Kevin, along with his partners Lindsay Jarvis and Tim Samuels, maintains a robust sales volume, catering to a diverse range of buyers that includes small investors, large funds, REITs, and investment groups. His journey reflects a blend of humble beginnings and strategic growth, underpinned by a consistent dedication to integrity and quality in the fast-paced world of real estate.

Timothy Samuels – Owner

Tim Samuels has acquired  more than 45,000 lots in his real estate and homebuilding career—a distinction that has earned him the nickname, “the Godfather of Land” among the leading national homebuilders across the Southeast.

Known as a high-energy guy who always pushes hard to get across the line for a touchdown, Tim is the player who won’t let a deal stall at the 50-yard line. He always sees the roadblocks, and quickly maneuvers through the maze of obstacles in what often is a lengthy land-acquisition process.

What sets him apart, he says, are his resources—and his optimism. As the land acquisition expert in the homebuilding industry, Tim is respected for his savvy in the sel ection of land. But it was by chance that he entered the industry in 1985. “A friend suggested that I’d be good at it, and it seemed like a good fit, so finding my niche was more about being in the right place at the right time,” he says.

Back then, Klutts Homes was selling tract homes to first-time homebuyers, and that’s what he did. In 1988 he got his broker’s license, and with it he took his entrepreneurial spirit, in 1990, to launch Crown Ventures. He built, sold and closed more than 400 homes. It was there that Tim learned the building, construction and site selection process from the ground up.

 In 1995, Don Galloway, then the leading homebuilder in Charlotte, recruited Tim to manage his sales team. Within two years, he was promoted to Vice President of Sales and Land Acquisition. Tim took the company from selling 300 homes annually to more than 900 units. In 1999, Don Galloway Homes won “Builder of the Year” (Charlotte), and became Charlotte’s top homebuilder based on sales, customer satisfaction and product quality.

In early 2002, Ryan Homes sought and recruited Tim to serve as General Manager of Land Acquisition to expand the company’s Charlotte market. Over the next five years, Ryan grew from selling and closing 400 homes to 1,500 homes annually. In fact, the company grew so quickly that it was split into four divisions within the Charlotte region. Tim was responsible for land acquisition for all divisions. He established the land department and recruited and trained the land-acquisition team. In 2005, he became Market Manager and in 2010 he was promoted to Regional Market Manager.

Early in 2020, Tim co-founded BRD (Builder River Development), a limited partnership land development company with a New Zealand-based partner, with the mindset of continuous growth and land acquisition throughout the Southeast.

tim samuels owner

Reed Schweizer – Florida Division President

Reed Schweizer is a driven and committed real estate sales and marketing professional with over $1B in transactions to his credit. Over the last 20 years, Reed Schweizer has worked for, consulted with, and collaborated with builders, developers, and real estate professionals bringing record breaking results at all levels. Reed brings expertise to the real estate investment world through the study of economic trends that can affect both the short term and long term value of both vacant land and cash-flow rental properties.

The majority of Reed’s career has been working with real estate investors in Southeastern markets throughout the United States. Reed was featured in the Robert Kiyosaki best seller “Rich Dad, Poor Dad Success Stories” in 2003.

Reed and his wife Roseann reside in Cape Coral Florida with their children Mason, Ava, and Grady. 

Reed Schweizer Estero Team


Kyle diPretoro – Operating Partner

Kyle diPretoro has been engaged in the real estate development and construction industry in a variety of different roles. Most recently, Mr. diPretoro served as the President of CapRock Building Group, the general contracting affiliate of CapRock, a development firm located in Charlotte, NC. As President, Mr. diPretoro was responsible for overseeing the company’s day to day operations including managing financials, ensuring projects remained on schedule, mitigating risks, and implementing quality controls to deliver products that last. Prior to accepting his leadership role with CapRock Building Group, Mr. diPretoro served as the Vice President of Development for several years where he was primarily responsible for the residential division of the company. Throughout his time in the real estate industry, Mr. diPretoro has managed the development and construction of numerous projects with a total value north of $100M.  

Connor Mann – Builder Relations

While still early in his career, Connor has achieved success with industry leaders in private mortgage lending. In just over three years, he has worked in loan originations in over 40 states, been a single-family operations manager overseeing eight team members, and has been a client engagement manager for several companies with at least $40mm in annual revenue. In that time, he and his teams have achieved triple-digit, year-over-year growth in loan volume, turn times, and revenue generation for both the company and the client.

In addition to working in lending operations, Connor has worked closely with construction management teams and builders to construct budgets, create investor-friendly draw processes, and build workbooks to drive efficiency in the components between loan origination and payoff. He brings experience in lending sales, lending operations, team member management, CRM development, project management, and client engagement. He has a passion for developing processes that increase effective communication, encourage collaboration, and ultimately, drive results.