Lindsay Jarvis – Owner (left)

It pays to know your market and, with more than 30 years business experience, Lindsay Jarvis is a well-seasoned veteran. Having spent twenty of those years in buildings and properties, Lindsay managed a successful construction company that, at its peak, employed approximately 120+ staff. Over that period he completed more than $40 million dollars worth of commercial and residential work.

Lindsay’s love of property, coupled with his extensive business experience, has provided a great foundation enabling Estero & Buller River Developments to offer you the awesome new investment properties you see today.


Kevin Burrell – Owner (right)

Located in Rock Hill SC Kevin has been in the property industry for over 20 years and 15 years of that he was also successfully involved in his own mortgage business. In the years following the GFC Kevin owned highly profitable turn key flip businesses specializing in selling rental investment properties to other investors. The business was located out of Charlotte NC with offices in Sarasota FL and Atlanta GA. By marketing their investment properties through radio shows, touring San Francisco, Los Angeles, Anaheim, San Diego , the use of major property re-sellers and also building strong partnerships with buyers/sellers in Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, UK and Dubai, Kevin  was able to develop and sell hundreds of rehabbed properties over 5 or more years that also included a substantial condo conversion.

It was at the tail end of the fix’n’flip hype (round 2013), whilst looking for other development opportunities, that Kevin formed a business relationship with Lindsay Jarvis and eventually formed Buller River and Estero Developments with the focus mainly on new construction.