When we look for US cities to invest in, there are a number of ‘essential elements’ we need to see. In particular, a stable and/or increasing population, city infra-structure, several fortune 500 companies, good employment stats etc. But most importantly, we want to see money being spent locally by the City, business and industry.

There are many US cities that meet this criteria, here are a few we particularly like:

  1. Charlotte, NC. – Often referred to as the banking capital of the US, Charlotte is the 3rd fastest growing economy in the US… read more
  2. Salisbury, NC – 30-40 minutes from downtown Charlotte and home to $17 Billion Food Lion is Salisbury NC … read more
  3. Memphis, TN – often referred to as the transport capital of the US, Memphis TN is No 1 for many property investors … read more
  4. SW Florida, FL – one of the hardest hit markets in the 08 crash, many areas of Florida are now setting record after record for growth and popularity making it an investors dream … read more