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1404 Nelson Rd. N, Cape Coral, Florida

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3 Bedrooms

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1548 sqft

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Why Cape Coral in Florida is Ideal for Investment Property & Development

Cape Coral was listed as one of the best places for business and careers in 2019 by Forbes, and they know a thing or two about investment property and development potential.

This Waterfront Wonderland city, with around 400 miles of easily navigable waters and a labyrinth of scenic canals, is considered by many to be the Venice of Florida, only without the sinking!

Job Opportunities and Job Growth

Cape Coral is the epicenter for cutting edge medical healthcare practices and ranks high for job growth overall, but especially within this industry sector. Forbes also placed Cape Coral in its picks of the top three real estate markets for 2017. The escalating job market is what has kept the Cape Coral property and rental markets growing, even after it dropped out of the “Best Places in which to Retire” top ten lists.

Because of its reliable commercial growth and increasing population, real estate investors consider Cape Coral’s investment property potential as uniquely good. Many other factors besides job creation and growth influence property as an investment here, however.

Continual Influx of People to the Area

The temperate weather can’t be overlooked as an important reason why there continues to be an increased movement of people to the area. Tourists, retirees, contract workers, remote workers, and full-time employees flock to Cape Coral as the ideal place in which to be productive and/or relax.

Property owners benefit from Florida’s beneficial Airbnb short-term tenant regulations, and this is another reason why Cape Coral is a great location for vacation rental investment property.

Indicators real estate investors should take note of when looking to buy investment properties in Cape Coral:

cape coral investment performance

Image: courtesy Mashvisor

All Transactions HPI for Cape Coral & Fort Myers, Florida according to Metropolitan Statistical Analytics used here courtesy of FRED

What Else in Cape Coral Makes it Ideal for Investment Properties?


house in cape coral south

Pool View, House in Cape Coral South – Image credit: CC BY4.0

For the nautically inspired, Cape Coral is the perfect destination. It also offers sea, sun, activities, and attractions for workers, families, and retirees. And that’s just for the vacation and relaxation-minded folks out there. The area is also starting to attract remote workers who had to make the transition to their new work-from-home environment this year. This trend is likely to continue past the Covid-related shutdown.

Homes come in a wide variety of price points – a reflection of the broad selection of job opportunities available in 2020, and beyond. Not everyone wants a waterfront stand-alone property with large garden, and for those who are looking for a maintenance-free lifestyle, there are plenty of condos, multi-family units, and gated communities in Cape Coral.

The area attracts many property developers and property owners desirous of finding an excellent construction or building project. As vacant lots come onto the market, they lend themselves well to custom-home building and residential construction designed to meet the record numbers of rental requests.


Serviced by two airports and vibrant with property investment and development opportunity, Cape Coral looks set to challenge the some of the most desirable coastal city areas for their position as the best places to live, rent, holiday, and buy property.