The Buying Process

What’s the process of buying a property?

Own your new investment property(s) in 3 simple steps 1. Investment loan approval: Assuming you’re not paying cash, we are going to introduce you to either Chris Palmer from BOAF or Steve Bighaus from SNMC to get you qualified for your investment loan(s). What these guys don’t know about investment loans isn’t worth knowing. 2. Sign Purchase Agreement, pay Earnest Money: Having identified the property you want, we all sign the PA(s). The Earnest Money deposit on your first property purchase with us is $5,000. A second, third property fourth etc will be $2500/door. 3. Sit back and relax: we’re really good at this part and will soon have your ‘awesome’ new investment property completed, tenanted, managed and delivered into your care.

Are there other costs on top of the purchase price?

To purchase an investment property you need to allow for loan fees, junk fees, appraisal costs, title fees, title insurances, closing attorney charges and the like. If you need help establishing a budget for all this then email our Director of Operations, Henry Daniels via – Henry operates out of our Houston office and his many years of experience as a mortgage broker proves invaluable with tasks like this.

Can I Purchase and Finance with IRA Money?

Yes, you may purchase fully with your IRA.  However, through select Lenders you may also leverage your money and purchase more properties and achieve the returns illustrated here.

How/when does a closing take place?

The closing will take place via our experienced title attorneys in the city where the property is located. The timing of the closing will typically be within 2-4 weeks of Certificate  of Occupancy or a mutually agreed time if the property is already complete.