Property Management

Selecting the right Property Managers?

Before engaging any property management to manage your/our properties we personally meet the Principles and do extensive research on the companies integrity and/or client feedback on their performance. Read more about some of our PM companies here 

How long does it take to find a tenant?

Because we build in good neighborhoods with strong rental demand, tenants are usually screened and placed within 2-4 weeks of us achieving a CO with a 1-2 year lease and although we guarantee to place a tenant within 30 days of you closing on the property or we’ll pay the rent, in the future the market at the time will dictate how fast a vacancy will be filled. When it is time to place a new tenant the property managers will do that for you.

How much do property managers (PMs) charge?

We’ve negotiated rates of 6-7% with our PM companies and they will continue to manage at those rates when you own the property.

What are the PM fees to find a tenant?

If the tenant leaves after only 6 months, the PM very often will not charge to find another tenant since the rental agreements are minimum one year. Beyond this time the PM’s will charge 2-4 weeks rent to screen and place another tenant in the property.

Are the properties landscaped?

Land is sodded and includes minimal planting, small bushes ie no landscaping required by the Owner

Is Lawn Mantenance Included in Property Management Fees?

Landscaping Maintenance and Grass is maintained by tenant under their lease agreement.

Repairs after a few years and Warranty?

Your property managers regularly inspect the property and carry out any repairs necessary with your approval. All our homes come with a standard 1 year builders warranty and 2 year warranty extensions are available through 3rd party insurers starting at $500 for the 2 years.

What happens when it’s time to sell?

Like any property, you own it and can put it on the market and wait for a Buyer. In the case of investment properties there are a number of companies that specialize in selling them to other investors. We’d suggest at least 7 plus year thinking when it comes to property as it’s widely considered a longer term play.