Charlotte Property Managers - brown & glenn

Brown & Glenn Realty is a property management firm in Charlotte, NC. We specialize in the management of residential properties, from single-family homes to large multifamily communities. We have been a leader in our market since 1931, and continue to offer innovative, customer-friendly solutions for both property owners and residents.

Our business is built around several key components:

  • Leasing
  • Accounting
  • Maintenance
  • Customer Service

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Whether you are a client seeking to lease your property, or a resident looking for a great place to live, you deserve the highest level of service available. Brown and Glenn has a superior marketing reach into the community and our leasing agents are able find, screen and lease to highly qualified tenants. Once the tenant is placed into one of our homes, we are committed to providing that tenant with the highest level of customer service.

  • targeted advertising: internet, print, fax-on-demand, and signage
  • online services including application process and bill pay
  • experienced brokers that price our properties competitively
  • great traffic–literally, hundreds of potential residents every day
  • an aggressive Realtor referral program. . . call or email us to learn more
  • tenant screening that is comprehensive and diligent

Customer Service

We continue to operate on the core values that our founders started us with: professionalism, kindness and a sense of humor. It is of extreme importance to every staff member that your experience with our company be a pleasant one. Our staff members are very carefully selected and we enjoy a positive, family-oriented environment. This helps us relate to and better care for our clients and residents. We enjoy our work, even when it is challenging.

  • We strive to be available to all customers, via personal visit, phone or email. Even as our company has grown to be bigger than ever, you will find that personal contact is at the core of our success.
  • 24/7/365 on-call service is standard.
  • Quality control of our properties is of the highest importance
  • Our location is in Dilworth/downtown Charlotte, easily accessible by highway and convenient to all locations we serve
  • Our staff is equipped with all means of communication to best serve your needs: phone, email, fax, smartphone, chat, web. We adhere to your preferences.


We provide critical accounting services to all customers. Our accounting systems are web-based and offer secure access to your account at your convenience. Our reporting for our managed properties is comprehensive and shows all activity that has taken place on a monthly basis on the account. Our services include:

  • Bill pay, direct deposit and ACH services
  • Double-entry bookkeeping practices, with clear audit trail
  • Monthly account statements with copies of all original invoices
  • The latest and best in accounting systems, software, and practices
  • Professional counsel with legal, accounting, and licensure services to ensure that your account is properly managed
  • A wealth of experience and depth within our department, second to none


Our maintenance services have been carefully refined over the years to provide exceptional value to both residents and clients. Our residents require prompt and professional service so that they may continually enjoy the comfort of home. For our property owners, we seek and use only skilled, dependable and price-minded contractors to perform any needed repair work. It is our focus to provide our owners with quality property maintenance without breaking his or her budget.

  • 24/7/365 on-call service
  • A wide contractor base for skilled trades and specialty services
  • In-house labor for routine tasks and inspections
  • In-house landscaping and yard services
  • An economy of scale that allows us to achieve excellent pricing