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Posted by HenryJDaniels on September 7, 2016

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Estero Property Investments, LLC (Estero) has partnered with a substantial production builder (PB) based in Charlotte NC & Columbia SC. This PB currently produces more than 650 SFRs a year in both these markets and has offered Estero access to this resource to produce investment properties for Estero customers.

Estero has a comparable partnership with a Memphis, TN builder who, after more than 30 years in the industry, has completed over 4,000 properties. – Estero is, a pioneering company developing investment property, that offer high quality turnkey investment properties for Estero US buyers wanting brand new, tenanted, and managed properties with cash ROIs of 13-15% using a Fannie Mae Conventional investment loan.

By mid to end 2017 Estero, and its subsidiaries, expect to have developed and sold well over 300 doors to its customers.

About Estero – The Executive team of Estero is a well-seasoned team of veterans with over fifty years of business experience.  Thirty of those years have been in property development and real estate finance of commercial and residential properties. This coupled with the executive team’s background in Construction Law, Business Law, Cost management and analysis, Financial Analysis, Feasibility, property Management and Appraisals has provided Estero with the ability to locate prime ‘high-return’ property investment properties backed by years of research and study of the US property market gives Estero the ability to deliver an turnkey investment property solution with superior yield to the Investor.

For more information, contact the Principal: Lindsay Jarvis

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