Money Matters – the basics 


  • Leverage is essential: If you pay cash for good property you’ll make 4-8% on your investment capital (ROI). If you borrow (from the right bank/lender) you’ll make 14-20% on your investment capital for the same property. This is leverage at its best, and why all our properties are supplied to you with a loan that creates these much higher ROI’s. 

  • Who pays your investment income?: Professional property managers receive your rental income and deposit it into an escrow account from which management and PITI payments are deducted. The balance of the income is then paid to your specified bank account each month.
  • Monthly income statements: You will receive an income statement each month from your property manager(s) detailing the net payment(s) to you. 
  • Maintenance: Should any Owner maintenance be required on your property(s), the property managers will arrange for such work to be carried out and debited to your rental income account. This work will be detailed on your monthly statement.
  • Accounting & tax returns: the monthly income statements from your property managers can be provided to your accountant to be used in your annual tax return