Accredited investors are turning to property development funds as a viable alternative to the longer term commitment of property portfolio ownership and management.

Securing your money in a real estate investment project, instead of outright buying and managing the property yourself, earns you up to 15% APR over six to twelve months.

Instead of rentals trickling in every month, and paying a percentage of that to property managers, our investors receive a 12% preferred annual return on their initial investment-paid every quarter-plus an additional 50% profit share (projected to raise total ROI to around 18% APR).

Randy Cline is an experienced development investor, with many years of expertise in this sector. By capitalizing on outstanding property development sales and companies over the years, Randy and his team have acquired the in-depth knowledge investors are looking for.

This is the ideal investment opportunity for private high net worth individuals.

If you would like to know more about how you can start your journey, make an enquiry today to learn how we can turn your money into hard working cash.