Privacy Policy

Welcome to our website. This Privacy Policy outlines how we collect, store, use, and disclose your personal information. At Estero Investments, we understand the importance of privacy and strive to ensure that your data and information is kept secure and confidential at all times.

Data Collection
We collect data when you register for services on our website or when you submit any type of forms. The types of data that may be collected include your name, email address, phone number, or other contact details; financial accounts (e.g., credit card information); age; occupation; and other demographic details. Additionally, we may collect technical data such as IP addresses, geographical location information, browser type, operating system type and version, language preferences etc.

We may also collect data via cookies or similar technologies in order to optimize and improve the user experience on our website. These cookies are used to track which pages visitors view, measure how often visitors view certain pages, store visitor preferences (e.g., language settings), store login information for future visits etc.. The usage of these cookies is anonymous and does not contain any personal identifiable information about visitors unless expressly authorized by the visitor themselves during registration or a later visit. You can choose to disable cookie tracking if you prefer; however this will likely have an impact on the overall user experience on our website as some services may not be available without them enabled.

Use of Collected Data
We use the collected data for a variety of purposes depending on why it was gathered in the first place:
• To provide services requested by clients
• To prevent fraud or illegal activities detected on our system
• To develop new products/services tailored towards specific customer interests
• To analyze user behaviour in order to improve existing products/services
• To send promotional messages via email or other channels based on customer interests
• To help resolve client inquiries more efficiently

Security Measures
We take all necessary measures to protect your private data from unauthorized access, destruction or manipulation. Any transmitted data is encrypted using encryption protocols before being stored securely in our cloud storage systems which are monitored 24/7 for potential security breaches using advanced firewalls and sophisticated intrusion detection mechanisms. We also backup all collected data offsite so that it can be restored in case of accidental destruction due to natural disasters or human error(s). Finally, we maintain strict internal policies around employee access control for those who are required to access sensitive customer information for their job duties – only authorized personnel have access rights limited only to what’s necessary for their job functions while ensuring no unauthorised personnel have access even accidentally .

Data Disclosures & Retention Periods
We will never sell your personal data under any circumstances nor share it with third parties unless expressly allowed by you ahead of time either through direct written authorisation from you via email etc.. Your personal data might however be shared with service providers hired by us specifically to help us fulfill our obligations towards clients better e.g., payment gateways used for processing payments etc.. We never retain any personally identifiable information longer than necessary either – once it has served its purpose it is disposed accordingly according to industry standards.

Changes & Contact Information
This Privacy Policy might change periodically so please do check back here regularly especially before submitting any personal form submissions on our website as those changes will become effective immediately upon posting them here . If there’s anything else that’s unclear regarding this policy please feel free to call us at 803-830-5459