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April 2, 2018
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Posted by lindsay on June 9, 2014

An article a few months ago in the NZ Herald addressed the rising cost of property across the country, by sharing what your money could get you elsewhere in the world.

If someone sold their Auckland home for the median price of $535,000 they could, for example, secure a four-bedroom apartment in Marrakech, Morocco, a three-bedroom house in Pukhet, Thailand or a two-bedroom home in Budapest Hungary. Should a Wellington property sell in the market for the average $405,000 price tag, the money could be used towards a one-bedroom villa in Mendoza, Argentina. If selling in Christchurch at the mid price of $383,000, one could get a nice two-bedroom apartment in Kuala Lumpur.

What would these prices get you in America? In today’s economy, multiple homes. Prices are rising, but they’re still low enough to be excellent value for money. Sure you could purchase a vacation hideaway, or you could invest in property now and potentially purchase more than one later.

The interactive tool can be viewed at: