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Posted by admin on September 15, 2014

The American city of Memphis, one of the locations Estero invests in, released a 25 year plan in September outlining a number of new sustainable infrastructure initiatives.

The Memphis Business Journal reported last week that the Mid-South Regional Greenprint had released its 2015-20490 regional plan.

The 25-year plan was designed by the Memphis & Shelby County Office of Sustainability and guided by the Mid-South Regional Greenprint Consortium.

The plan will increase accessibility to green infrastructure, such as bike lanes and greenlines. The plan also sets out initiatives for community gardens, redevelopment of neighbourhoods, resource conservation and increased jobs in the green sector.

The plans were described in the report as “engines of change that boast an array of enticing economic benefits, support environmental revitalization, promote healthy behaviors, and connect our multi-state communities.”

The regional plan is the latest initiative by the city to promote green initiatives. In 2013 the mayor of Memphis, AC Wharton launched the clean green initiative, which aimed to create more jobs, reduce the city’s running costs and improve the environment.

The first phase of the Clean & Green Initiative, focused on energy efficiency, was projected to save the city approximately 20 per cent, or $8 million, per year in energy costs.

Memphis & Shelby County Office of Sustainability was established in 2011 and has overseen a number of initiatives in the region designed to improve its environmental impact and reduce costs.