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April 3, 2018
Rents have increased at highest pace in nearly 30-years
April 3, 2018

Posted by HenryJDaniels on July 29, 2016

According to a recently published report from Harvard University, roughly 9 million households have been added to the renter population in the past 10 years, bringing the total number of renters in the US to 42.6 million.  This is, “the largest increase over any 10-year period dating back to 1965.”

In fact, renting has increased among all age groups and demographics.  This soaring demand is great news for real estate investors – especially because mobility rates among renters has declined significantly in recent years (see chart below).  This means that renters are typically staying in their homes for longer periods of time.  This reduces the vacancy risk of owning investment property and increases your returns

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